Saturday, June 14, 2014


Charade by John Mortimer has been languishing on my bookshelf for a few years.  

Written in 1947 but not published in America until the 1980's, the story takes place during World War II and is about a young man who joins a film crew at a seaside English village where the main battle is against the rain.  Much of the story deals with the naive young man and his encounters with the eccentric characters that comprise the film crew.  The crew spends a good bit of time in the pub while waiting until the rain stops to film army training maneuvers on the beach. 

Charade has some funny and laugh out loud moments, but I never understood whether the story was a murder mystery or a comedy.  The blurb on the book presents the story as a murder mystery.  The murder or "accident" doesn't take place until over halfway into the book.  Because the person killed is so disliked, it doesn't appear that there is much momentum to solve the crime.  Or is a cover-up derailing the murder investigation?

I wanted to like this book, but there were too many unanswered questions.

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