Sunday, August 3, 2014

Monday or Tuesday: Eight Stories

Monday or Tuesday: Eight Stories by Virginia Woolf was first published in 1921. The edition I read for this review was the Dover Thrift Edition published in 1997.

I have read several of Virginia Woolf's novels but not much in the way of her shorter fiction. This collection was hit or miss for me. What I liked about the stories, though, was the way in which Woolf experiments with the form of the short story. 

My favorite of this collection was "A Society" about a group of women who form a society to study men's intelligence. The story was really funny and had some laugh out loud moments. Another story that I liked was "Kew Gardens." Woolf employs the stream of consciousness writing that she was famous for, and it is a snapshot of time, depicting what is happening in Kew Gardens from nature to the various conversations and descriptions of people and what they are doing.

Three of the stories are just a few paragraphs. Of these, I liked "A Haunted House" the best, which tells of a ghostly couple revisiting their old house in search of something. The other two stories, "Monday or Tuesday" and "Green & Blue" were not as accessible, and it was a bit difficult to grasp exactly what Woolf was describing.

I recommend Monday or Tuesday: Eight Short Stories if you like Virginia Woolf's writing. If you've never read any of her fiction, To the Lighthouse would be a better place to start. 

Have you read Monday or Tuesday: Eight Stories or any of Virginia Woolf's other short stories?

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