Monday, September 1, 2014

The Last Time I Saw You by Eleanor Moran

Last year, I read an interview with Eleanor Moran where she talked about her book The Last Time I Saw You and its similarities to Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (one of my all time favorites). Moran spoke of the "Rebecca Syndrome," something I'd never heard of before, which refers to a love story where one person doubts he or she can live up to a past love of the other person. I got the book last year from Amazon UK, and it has been gathering dust on my bookshelf until now. 

In The Last Time I Saw You, published in 2013, Livvy struggles in a stressful PR job in London and lives with her flatmate, former boyfriend and now best friend, James. When Livvy gets the call that her former best friend Sally has died in a car accident, she is devastated. 

Livvy first met Sally at university, and their relationship was a bit of a roller coaster, ending in a terrible betrayal by the erratic but charming and beautiful Sally. It has been years since Livvy has spoken to Sally, and in that time, Sally married the successful and handsome William and had a daughter, Madeline. 

Sally's mysterious death brings Livvy into William's life in ways she never imagined. Each of them is looking for something--he wants to know about Livvy's memories of Sally while Livvy is looking for some kind of closure. She finds herself piecing together Sally's last days and solving a mystery that reveals Sally's secrets.  

Eleanor Moran's writing had me from the first few pages, and I had no trouble getting involved in the story. The past and the present alternate in chapters where Moran tells the story of Livvy and Sally's volatile friendship. This book is a modern take on Rebecca, and it has an interesting twist with the mystery along with a love story.

I enjoyed the  book and highly recommend it.

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