Monday, November 10, 2014

The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood

The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood, published in 2012, takes place around the murders of several women by a serial killer in the resort town of Whitmouth in England. The dingy seaside town is the home of Funnland, an amusement park, where cleaner Amber Gordon finds the body of a murder victim. 

As the press descends on Whitmouth, Kirsty Gordon, a tenacious reporter, arrives and has a chance to interview Amber. The two women realize immediately that they know each other. This meeting is the first time they've met in twenty five years.

The women were eleven years old when they were put away for killing four-year-old Chloe. Upon their release, the two were given new identities, and one of the conditions of their release was that they never to speak to one another again. Amber Gordon was Annabel from a prominent family while Kirsty Gordon was Jade who came from a poverty stricken family. 

Luck and opportunity have shaped Kirsty's life. She has been able to create a life for herself with a somewhat successful career in London along with a loving husband and two children who have no idea of her true identity. Amber has not been so lucky and has a depressing day to day existence in a dead end job and an abusive live in boyfriend. She has also worked hard to conceal her identity. How these two first met and got involved in a murder is a parallel story line revealed little by little as the plot moves forward.  

In the present, the serial killer is closer than Amber and Kirsty realize. Also, they discover what they are willing to do to protect the secret of who they really are when they realize the danger of someone finding out.

I would recommend The Wicked Girls to readers who like psychological thrillers. Alex Marwood has created some seedy and scary characters in the town of Whitmouth. The plot has all the suspense you could want along with a gripping ending. I found the novel hard to put down.

Have you read The Wicked Girls?

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