Saturday, September 12, 2015

Time for a Little Break

This isn't my photo but a stock photo I chose because it symbolizes how happy I feel to be going on a trip. Yes, my husband and I are going on a trip! Can you tell I'm excited?!

As I've mentioned before on the blog, it's been a summer of recuperating from the broken bone in my foot. My husband has been like a rock--so much help and never complained in those moments when I wasn't so much fun to be around. Now, it's time for us to have some fun!

We're heading for parts north on an adventure--a road trip to New York to explore the Hudson River Valley. We'll be gone for a week. During that time, I'll be away from the blog, but I am trying Instagram. There aren't many photos yet, but I'm getting up my nerve to post some photos of the trip this coming week. :) Here's where to find me: @monicasbookishlife.

I hope that you have a great weekend and a wonderful week! See you soon!


  1. Have a wonderful trip! The Hudson River Valley is beautiful (I used to live there). So many wonderful towns to explore.

  2. Have a great time, Monica! Glad your foot is better and I bet you guys see all kinds of beauty. Take care!

  3. We love that area...have been visiting since our daughter has been in college in the area. Rhinebeck, FDR House in Hyde Park, lunch or dinner at the CIA (make a reservation!), and so much more - enjoy!

  4. I think the Hudson River Valley will be a great trip.