Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Spectacles: A Memoir by Sue Perkins (2015)

One of my favorite television shows has become the The Great British Bake Off, a competition among amateur bakers taking on challenges posed by the judges, the lovely Mary Berry and the serious Paul Hollywood. It's a nice hour of television that focuses on baking and the contestants without everyone turning on one another. I resisted watching the show for the longest time, but the thing that drew me to The Great British Bake Off was the humor of the presenters.

Presenting the show is the comedy team of Sue Perkins and Mel Gierdoyc. I love the wit these women bring with the play on words and often naughty innuendo and the way they bring such a spirit of fun to the proceedings.

When I heard about Sue Perkins' recent autobiography, Spectacles, I wanted to read it. The book doesn't disappoint. I can't recall when I've laughed so hard while reading a book. Perkins writes with a distinctive voice and has the gift of telling a story in a hilarious way. Honestly, several times I had to put the book down and laugh. 

I enjoyed reading about Perkins' childhood as well as her time at Cambridge and how she became part of the illustrious comedy group, the Cambridge Footlights. It was also fun to read about how she met her comedy partner, Mel, and their beginnings as a comedy team. There's also a chapter about the Great British Bake Off that sheds a bit of light about what goes on behind the scenes. 

Spectacles isn't all laughs, though, and the book has its poignant moments. Several of those moments brought tears to my eyes.

Perkins' writing style is fantastic. I hope she'll try her hand at fiction one day.

Most of all, I appreciate the fact that Spectacles made me laugh. Laughter is a gift in this time when the news is so dreadful. 

Needless to say, I highly recommend this book.

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  1. I love The Great British Bake Off! Now if only this memoir came with one of those lovely desserts... :)