Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros: Lancelot by Walker Percy

Happy Tuesday! I hope that you had a nice holiday weekend. I'm taking part in First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros hosted by Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea where bloggers share a bit about what they're reading or planning to read soon.

In my life, my husband and I have moved our belongings from our home in Maryland to our new home in Texas. We're back in Maryland for awhile this month to wrap up loose ends. It feels strange to be apart from my books, and I really miss them. I did leave a box of books here and found Lancelot by Walker Percy among them. Last year, I read The Moviegoer by Percy, and I really enjoyed it. I've read the first 25 pages of Lancelot and have to say that I'm intrigued.

The opening:

"Come into my cell. Make yourself at home. Take the chair; I'll sit on the cot. No? You prefer to stand by the window? I understand. You like my little view. Have you noticed that the narrower the view the more you can see? For the first time I understand how old ladies can sit on their porches for years.

Don't I know you? You look very familiar. I've been feeling rather depressed and I don't remember things very well. I think that I am here because of that or because I committed a crime. Perhaps both. Is this a prison or a hospital or a prison hospital? A Center for Aberrant Behavior? So that's it. I have behaved aberrantly. In short, I'm in the nuthouse."

What do you think? Would you keep reading?


  1. I didn't know you were in the midst of a big move! That's such a huge job... good luck with the loose ends and transition.
    Have never read Walker Percy, but would like to one day.

  2. Yes, the beginning is intriguing. Did the person commit a crime or what?

    Didn't know you guys were moving down to my part of the country. Good luck. Moving is indeed a big job.

  3. I've done the long-distance move thing. It requires a lot of coordination. No going back if you forgot something.

    Not sure the opening is for me but I hope you enjoy it.

  4. I haven't read anything by this author. That intro is intriguing, so I'm going to check out his backlist as well.

  5. I hope you adjust well to Texas, thats a huge move from MD. I love that narrator's voice, I'd read more.

  6. I love Percy and would keep reading. Enjoy!